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Family owned and operated business with many years of experience. Our dedication to customer satisfaction is par to none in the industry.
The #1 reason customers choose EZ Nano Seal over others is our education process and detailed quoting. We spend time with our customers to ensure they have all the information needed to choose with confidence, EZ Nano Seal LLC for their paver sealing needs.

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The Answers You Need to HEAR

With so many contractors telling you all kinds of things, WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE? Below is a list of questions you should be asking every contractor who wants to seal your pavers! It is important they give you the information you request and do not try to convince you otherwise.


Pinellas county is the toughest county in the state to get a license. Many contractors believe by having a BUSINESS license they are OK. THIS IS NOT TRUE! You must have a PAINTERS LICENSE or be a General Contractor to seal pavers. The county is cracking down seriously on un-licensed and un-documented contractors and will put them in Jail with a $2,000 fine and a FELONY. You can go to the license board and look up their company name to see if they are approved. To be approved you must have 4 years of documented experience, take a test of competency and be bonded. If you look at their marketing material and it says "Licensed in Polk, Hillsbrough, Pasco and SURROUNDING AREAS" they are NOT licensed in Pinellas County.

We are fully licensed with Pinellas County: CGC1526271


This is a very scary subject. Many contractors will have what they call a Ghost Policy or they will be EXEMPTED from the state. Lets talk about exempted first. When you exempt yourself as an owner you saying you carry your own personal insurance and you will not be able to ask the state for any help if you get hurt on the job. BUT that does not mean the exempted contractor can still sue you if they get hurt while on your property. 

The Ghost Policy is a term used for a policy that insurance company will give to contractors that COVERS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. It is very cheep but it satisfies most people the contractor is covered. 

There are many codes workmans comp uses to classify the workers. Contractors will classify themselves under 9014 which covers them while they are cleaning but do not classify themselves under 5474 to cover them while they are sealing. 

We are covered under four codes: 8810 - Clerical, 9014 - Pressure Washing / Janatorial, 5474 - Painting and Sealing, and 8810 - Roofing. 


Again do not let the contractor mince words and convince you otherwise. You must have liability insurance to cover the work you perform.


If they say "We use play sand because it fills in the gaps better." RUN!!!! Play sand is good for the beach and your children or grand children but it does not belong around your pavers. 20/30 grit silica sand or our custom colored sand has been screened and dried to provide the highest quality of sand to stabilize the pavers and prevent weeds.

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What They’re Saying

Check out all of the amazing reviews we’re getting at EZ Nano Seal, LLC. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and unparalleled quality has not only helped to fuel our growth, but has also contributed to building a great reputation. If you’d like to know hear what our customers are saying, take a look at the reviews below.

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I met Mike Kilgore through LinkedIn in April of this year. Ironically we were seeking proposals to pressure wash and reseal approximately 46,000 square feet of paved road when Mr. Kilgore reached out to us. Within a week of being informed of what the scope of work we were requesting , Mr, Kilgore met with us to inspect the property and show us the type of product he was going to use. We then received our proposal within a timely manner and the cost was competitively priced. 
When presenting to the Board of Directors, my team and I recommended EZ Nano Seal because we were impressed with him, his pricing and the product he presented. the Board agreed and approved his proposal. Upon the Board's approval, we scheduled the work with them. We were excited and pleased that they were so easy to coordinate with our schedules. While this work was being done we were also simultaneously having the asphalt redone with another vendor. Having to coordinate both projects was difficult; however, EZ Nano Seal made this process easy and flawless!

This project was finished earlier than expected and the results were amazing, EZ Nano Seal's team was courteous to our residents and explained the process as they went along. 

I would recommend EZ Nano Seal to anyone who is having this work completed.

Karen Lillie, LCAM


EZ Nano Seal  is a breath of fresh air..The owner Mike Kilgore is very professional and actually does what he says he will do..While we had to wait a couple of weeks the day they said they would be here they showed just like they said. They did exactly what they said they would do relative to pressure washing, vacuuming, sand with high quality sand and Silicate, and 3 coats of sealer. Job well done at a very competitive rate. I don't usually take the time to recommend a service but when someone wows me I like to share. Recommend Mike and his team to anyone that wants a quality job at a fair price.

Terri Klopf


Awesome job by Mike & his crew!! Results are amazing. Loved the time taken to explain the process & the time taken to do a quality job!!

Gene Aldrich


EZ Nano Seal did an excellent job. A great quality job at an affordable cost. These guys bring back true customer service.

Robin Gilbert


Mike & Jim did an excellent job, very thorough, detailed, and neat I would highly recommend them.

Jim Gregorich



Paver and concrete sealing is more complex than it looks. At best, when sealing patio pavers yourself, a bad DIY job won’t last nearly as long as a professional one. At worst, it can cause whitening of the pavers.
There are many different materials to choose from for your decorative surface, including concrete brick, clay brick, travertine, flagstone, granite, slate, marble and lime, to name a few. Each stone has unique properties and levels of porosity. Only a trained technician can make the right choice for best cleaning and sealing these surfaces and, more importantly, avoiding damaging them.
You already made the investment to enhance your home’s or business’s value and curb appeal, now let the professionals protect that investment by making your brick, stone or decorative concrete surfaces impervious to threats from water, oil, grease, mold and more.



Our mission is to provide the best, longest-lasting finish as quickly as possible and with minimal disruption.



It’s very common to see brick that has been in place for some time to take on a white haze. To the untrained eye, this can appear to be the surface of the clay brick fading or wearing off. In actuality, it’s a condition known as efflorescence and it’s entirely treatable!
Efflorescence happens when water containing salts is able to penetrate the surface of the brick or stone. Over time, there are repeated cycles of water penetrating and evaporating from the surface. Every time the water evaporates, the salt that was contained in the water remains on the surface of the brick, leaving a white residue.
The appearance of the salt residue can be more or less noticeable depending on the color and finish of the surface, with brick showing efflorescence most often due to its darker color and smooth surface. Clay brick is also very porous.
Florida obviously provides all of the right conditions for efflorescence to occur due to our proximity to the sea and brackish water sources. Salty water can even penetrate by way of rain, which West Florida receives an abundance of.



Before the white finish can be removed, the surface must be inspected to determine the cause of water intrusion. Beyond the simple porosity of the surface, other causes of water intrusion can include improperly caulked or sealed joints, eroded mortar joints in copings or sills, water coming from behind walls due to roofing integrity issues, cracks in the masonry, or even problems inherent in the building materials themselves.
Once the cause or causes or water intrusion are identified and remediated, the next step is removal of the efflorescence itself. Our trained experts will assess the situation and select the gentlest removal method that proves effective. In some cases, chemical removal may be indicated.
The final step in remediating efflorescence is preventing future damage by applying sealant. It’s key to ensure the source of water penetration be identified and fixed prior to sealing, since efflorescence happens internally. If sealer is applied and the water problem persists, you will continue to have a problem with efflorescence.
Only a professional can fully diagnose and treat this issue, so if you suspect efflorescence on your brick or stone, call us for a free quote. We’ll get your brick looking like new again!



While we all love living and working in West Florida, we definitely have a unique ecosystem that brings with it unique challenges to all household surfaces. That’s why it’s especially important to deal with a local company that understands these unique challenges and how to fix and prevent them.
One such common Florida challenge is controlling the formation of algae. The most common types of algae to affect porous brick, stone and concrete pavers are green and black algae. Being conscientious with maintaining your pavers can actually exacerbate the issue since algae thrives in moisture. If your pavers are located under a shaded area, the problem can be a lot harder to control.
Aside from being unattractive, algae can pose a problem with slips and falls, especially for those with infirm footing or where algae appear on sloped surfaces.
Suspected algae growth is another problem you’ll want to have a professional examine. Many times, algae grow in conjunction with fungi. Many people assume algae and fungi are the same, but they are two distinctly different biological forms, each necessitating different treatment methods. Fungi and algae thrive and grow together in a symbiotic relationship.
The removal of algae and fungi is labor intensive and requires a combination of elbow-grease and chemical treatment. Aside from avoiding the hard work, you also need to be careful with the chemical treatment, as the best tools for the job will depend on the type of stone being treated. This is another job to leave to the professionals!
Once again, once your concrete, stone or brick has been cleared of the algae and fungi infestation, you’ll want to minimize future contact with moisture as much as possible, and of course, have EZ Nano Seal use our proprietary, best-in-class water sealing technology keep any water that does reach your pavers from penetrating and staying.

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EZ Nano Seal is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate in reaching out today.

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